Recommended readings (3/12/09)

An ancient typo ~ Has no one noticed this before?!?

Stackable letters ~ A new way to classify letters of the alphabet

Mathematician answers Supreme Court plea ~ A fair division problem for voting

Wolfram|Alpha is coming! ~ The next Segway or the next Google?

An Appel a day ~ Seven colors suffice for a torus

This American Life: bad bank ~ The collapse of the banking system explained, in just 59 minutes.

The crash calculuations ~ “By their very nature, we have limited experience regarding rare events, and a purely statistical determination is not feasible,” said Srinivasa Varadhan, a mathematician at New York University.

For free throws, 50 years of practice is no help ~ “One thing has remained remarkably constant: the rate at which players make free throws.”

Tax thresholds: Why the horror stories about the Obama tax plan are lies ~ “So if taxes actually worked this way, then there would be a range of incomes where there would be a strong motivation to keep your income smaller, in order to avoid crossing the threshold – because earning more would translate to earning less after taxes.”


Intravenous Starbucks ~ I’ll take one with cream and sugar.

The shape of things ~ A crabby octagon

Hair today, gone tomorrow ~ Sometimes there is no partial credit available

Punchline contest ~ Why did the vector cross the road?