Math Horizons

MH_Apr_17_coverI am the editor of Math Horizons, the undergraduate magazine of the Mathematical Association of America. My term is 2014–2018.

From the Math Horizons website: Math Horizons is intended primarily for undergraduates interested in mathematics. Our purpose is to introduce students to the world of mathematics outside the classroom. Thus, while we especially value and desire to publish high quality exposition of beautiful mathematics we also wish to publish lively articles about the culture of mathematics. We interpret this quite broadly—we welcome stories of mathematical people, the history of an idea or circle of ideas, applications, fiction, folklore, traditions, institutions, humor, puzzles, games, book reviews, student math club activities, and career opportunities and advice.

Want to read Math Horizons? All MAA members get free electronic access to the magazine—just log in through the MAA website. Non-members can read all past issues (1993–present) at Jstor. There are also free articles available onine:

Please send all submissions and Math Horizons correspondences to my Math Horizons email address: (See the Information for Authors for more information.)