Recommended readings (3/29/09)

IMA Public Lecture: Mathematics Making Sense of Sensors ~ Robert Ghrist, University of Pennsylvania, January 22, 2009

Fibonacci-Inspired British National Wildflower Center

Free Mathematics Books ~ 254 (legal) e-books

Price Drop: Stocks, Homes, Now Triple-Word Scores ~ This article contains a beautiful infographic containing the frequency of letters in the English language compared to Scrabble tile frequency and point values

AMS Graduate Student Blog ~ New blog by Frank Morgan, Vice-President of the AMS

The moon versus the mosquito ~ “As the late astronomer George Abell of the University of California, Los Angeles, noted, a mosquito sitting on our arm exerts a more powerful gravitational pull on us than the moon does.” Is that true?

Sailing into the wind, or faster than the wind ~ Terrence Tao explains sail boats

Reverse and Add ~ The palindromic order of 498 is 3 (498+894=1392, 1392+2931=4323, and 4323+3234=7557). Does every positive integer have a palindromic order?

What does “classical” mean in science? ~ “understood to be the parts of the subject that were already in place when the authors were students.”—Ward Cheney and Will Light


On the lies we tell to amuse ourselves

You haven’t earned the right