The 56th Carnival of Mathematics is now online

Head over to Reasonable Deviations to see the 56th Carnival of Mathematics. I’d also like to point out a post by Terrence Tao on mathematical research and the internet. He has a link there to an interesting talk (5mb pdf file) that he is going to give on this subject.

LaTeX bugs in WordPress

Terrence Tao wrote a blog post today about LaTeX bugs in WordPress. He suggests compiling a list of all bugs so that WordPress can work on them. I had already discovered the closed bracket bug that Tao describes. I have also encountered a bug similar to the one mentioned in the first comment to Tao’s…

Multiple choice questions in mathematics

It must be exam time. Discussions of multiple-choice test questions are in the air. Terrence Tao has a nice post about multiple choice¬†questions¬†in mathematics (it is a follow-up to this post of his). He writes about the pros and cons of giving multiple choice questions in a mathematics class. For example: These quizzes give a…

Advice for the budding mathematician of any age

Fields Medal winner Terry Tao put together a page on his blog titled Career Advice. He writes: Here is my collection of various pieces of advice on academic career issues in mathematics, roughly arranged by the stage of career at which the advice is most pertinent (though of course some of the advice pertains to…

Tao on political polls

Fields Medalist and mathematics blogger, Terrence Tao, has an interesting and timely post on political polls on his blog.