LaTeX bugs in WordPress

Terrence Tao wrote a blog post today about LaTeX bugs in WordPress. He suggests compiling a list of all bugs so that WordPress can work on them.

I had already discovered the closed bracket bug that Tao describes. I have also encountered a bug similar to the one mentioned in the first comment to Tao’s post—sometimes a correctly coded LaTeX expression will not get converted to the equation, but appears in LaTeX form. Deleting and re-typing the code sometimes works, or copying it from the visual editor and pasting it in the HTML editor works. I have not discovered why this happens, nor found a perfect fix.

All-in-all I’ve been happy with the LaTeX rendering in WordPress.

[Update: While writing another post a few minutes ago I ran into the single character bug that Tao mentions. I wanted a single star {}*. However, when I typed $latex *$, it left a blank space on the final page. However, when I typed $latex {}*$ it typeset correctly.]