Thirteen mathematically-inspired products

Just for fun, here is a list of 13 mathematically-inspired products that I’ve stumble upon recently.

  1. Klein bottle house
  2. Come in/Go away ambigram doormat
  3. Klein bottle bottle opener
  4. Chair made of Voronoi cells
  5. Tiling a floor with irregular pentagons
  6. A Möbius bridge
  7. The Pittsburg Steelers logo (and my blog post about it)
  8. Nesting Fibonacci kitchen knives
  9. Mathematical clocks and spiral clocks
  10. Fibonacci sequence rings
  11. Mathematical holiday cookies
  12. Fractal jewelry
  13. Shiny fractal cow

I’m sure there are many more. Add your own discoveries in the comments…


  1. bonny says:

    some lovely mathematically-inspired jewelry:

    while not specifically a product since you have to knit it, this is one of my favorite math-inspired knitting patterns:

    1. Cool. Thanks, Bonny. You can also crochet the hyperbolic plane

  2. I just found another blog that had a similar post to mine—posted just one day before mine. I especially like the Venn diagram tables:

  3. DMCK Designs says:

    How about mathematically inspired space-filling (fractal) scarves?

    See …

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