A wiki about blogs

I just added my blog to the Mathematics/Statistics page of the Academic Blog Portal.

As the name implies, this is a resource for gathering together links to academic blogs. The FAQ gives the purpose of the blog:

This is a portal that is intended to provide resources for (a) academic bloggers, and (b) people who want to read academic blogs. It is a first step towards Scott McLemee’s suggestion of an aggregating site to provide the academic blogosphere with a greater degree of coherence. The main organizing principle of the site is a list of academic blogs, organized by discipline. Each disciplinary list provides at a minimum links to relevant blogs, and links to Wikipages about those blogs. The site is designed to be as open as possible – people who wish to contribute new forms of content are encouraged to do so.

They force you to pick one academic area for your blog (algebraic topology, number theory, etc.), which was difficult for me to do. So I took the easy way out and listed my blog under “general mathematics.”

The blogs I read regularly are are written by a wide variety of individuals, from college professors, to high school teachers, to students, to journalists, to mathematical enthusiasts. Unfortunately the qualifications for a blog to be listed, listed below, are too narrow to include all of these blogs.

They’re pretty simple – the blog has to be written by an academic. That is to say, the author should be either a member of a third level institution’s faculty (i.e. community college, college, university, technical institute or whatever), or pursuing a doctoral degree, or employed by a third level institution to do academically relevant work (such as working as a university librarian).

I hope the other bloggers that read my blog will add their blog to this wiki. It is a nice idea to have a master blogroll of academic blogs. If you do not want to get your own account to edit the wiki, but would rather have me add your blog, just put the relevant information in the comment section below (blog name, URL, your name, academic affiliation, subject classification). I’d be happy to add it.