Odds and ends: the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meeting and Euler’s Gem

I’ll be heading to the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Francisco next week. In case any of you are interested in meeting up, here are a few of the items on my (busy) schedule. Please introduce yourself; it would be nice to put faces with names. I’m giving a talk on some work with…

Edublog award nomination

Wow, what an honor! My blog is now on the short list of Best Teacher Edublogs for 2009. I’d like to thank Brenda Landis for the nomination. Please head over to the site to vote for your favorite blogs! Voting ends Wednesday, December 16. By the way, I also encourage you to vote for Chris…

Euler’s formula in a children’s book

As you may know, I wrote a book on Euler’s polyhedron formula. (Euler’s formula says that every polyhedron with V vertices, E edges, and F faces satisfies V-E+F=2.) I gave a talk recently during which I lamented that kids aren’t taught this beautiful theorem; after all, it relies only on counting, addition, and subtraction. After…

Legendre who?

In Chapter 10 of my book, Euler’s Gem, I give Adrien-Marie Legendre‘s beautiful proof of Euler’s polyhedron formula: for any (convex) polyhedron with V vertices, E edges, and F faces, V-E+F=2. His use of spherical geometry to prove the theorem is extremely elegant. On page 88 I include the portrait of Legendre shown at right….

Euler’s Gem is the #2 best-selling mathematics book for libraries

It was a nice surprise to read this blog post at the Princeton University Press blog. Apparently my book (Euler’s Gem) is currently the number 2 best-selling mathematics book for libraries (according to the Library Journal). Cool! It was second to The Princeton Companion to Mathematics, which was edited by Fields Medal winner Tim Gowers. (By…

Photos from the PUP booth at the Joint Meetings

The Princeton University Press blog has some photos from the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meeting including a few pics from my book signing—cool! Mike Cherry (author of The Addventures Plusman), Barry Tesman, me. Evelyn Sander and me

2009 Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

We can look forward to a very mathematical New Year’s eve ball in Times Square this year. According to the Times Square website: The new Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball is a 12 foot geodesic sphere, double the size of previous Balls, and weighs 11,875 pounds. Covered in 2,668 Waterford Crystals and powered by…

Facebook page for Euler’s Gem

I decided to create a Facebook page for my book, Euler’s Gem. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not convinced that people actually visit these pages more than once, but we’ll see. I’ll post reviews as they come in.

Google Books replaces the index

Indexes can be great tools for finding specific information in books. However, as we all know, they are often maddeningly incomplete. I was constantly frustrated when I was in graduate school studying for my analysis prelim exam. Royden’s Real Analysis (our text) had a terrible index. I ended up hand writing dozens of entries into…

Princeton University Press blog

A few days ago I discovered that Princeton University Press, publisher of my book, has created a blog. I’ve been enjoying reading the posts and watching/listening to the media, such as my editor Vickie Kearn’s interview of Andrew Gelman, who asks “What’s the matter with Connecticut?”