Woo hoo! A power of 10! Hooray! Here’s to an arbitrary milestone!

(A power of 10 that is, not a power of 10 factorial.)

According to the WordPress.com stats, my blog has now had been viewed 100,000 times (and no, they tell me that they are not including my own visits to divisbyzero.com). Actually, as you can see below, it has been visited 100,006 times. It was at 99,998 for about 10 minutes. Then I refreshed and it jumped right over the 100k mark.

Thanks everyone for visiting. There’s more to come.


  1. Wow, I’m 17% of Dave Richeson! ;^)

    (My blog was mentioned in a blog on the Psychology Today site, and my numbers have soared in the past two weeks. It’s fun to watch…)

    I learned recently from Kate that you can subscribe to your own blog on Google Reader, and find out there how many people are subscribed. That’s been fun to watch, too.

  2. Denise says:


  3. Adrian Majlis says:

    Congrats on the mark! Now for the million!

    1. Thanks, Adrian!

  4. Ian Gordon says:

    I only just reached my first power of ten when I got 100 people visiting my site. Turns out it was my mother being enthusiastic.
    Uniques haven’t reached any power of ten yet and probably not until I manage to clone my mother – but I couldn’t inflict that on an unsuspecting world.

    Ian G.

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