Twitter and Origami

Twitter is amazing. Two nights ago I watched the PBS documentary on origami, Between the Folds. Yesterday morning when I got to my office I made the following post on Twitter:

In the next 12 hours I was flooded with suggestions, comments, and links. Here are some of the book titles and links that people sent me (I’m posting them here so that I can come back and look at them when I have time). If you have any that you’d like to add, please put them in the comments below.

By the way, if you want to follow me on Twitter you can find me, at @divbyzero (or my newer, nonmathematical Twitter account @davericheson).

I’ll end with a clip from Between the Folds. As a research mathematician I can completely relate to the discovery that this origami artist made. However, his description of “one fold” origami does kind of remind me of a Christopher Guest mocumentary.