Putting CVs online

I’ve had my CV online for quite some time. For a while I’d type it up, export it as a pdf, then upload it to my website. The problem was that I would only upload it once every six months or once a year—it was perpetually out of date.

Then I made the switch to Google Docs—I uploaded my CV there, then I had Google publish it as a web page. Now when I add items to the CV, Google Docs automatically republishes the CV with the changes. (I decided not to link to my CV from here, but there is a link to in on my personal web page if you want to see it.)

Here’s another fun thing I did with some of the information on my CV—I put it on a Google map. I have markers for my school and work history as well all the places I’ve given talks. Just click on the markers for more information.

There are a lot of interesting place that I’d like to go. I just need an invitation to speak there…


  1. Ângela says:

    Wanna go to Brazil?

    1. You bet! Do you know any mathematicians there who can get me a speaking gig… and travel funds :-)

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