Congress designates 3/14 National Pi Day

In the news:

Ya can’t make it up: House praises pi

National Pi Day? Congress makes it official

Here’s the vote on C-Span.

The vote was 391 yeas, 10 nays, 30 not voting. Who were the 10 Representatives who voted against it?

Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)
Jeff Flake (R-Arizona)
Dean Heller (R-Montana)
Timothy Johnson (R-Illinois)
Jeff Miller (R-Florida)
Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas)
Ron Paul (R-Texas)
Ted Poe (R-Texas)
Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania)
Mike Pence (R-Indiana)

Shame on you!

(Although, to be honest, I’ve always thought that pi day was pretty silly.)


  1. I. J. Kennedy says:

    Good to see the legislature is getting the nation’s business done!

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