Recommended readings (2/27/09)

50th Carnival of Mathematics ~ Hosted by John D. Cook at the Endeavor blog

Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes (readers’ responses: ‘A’ Is for Achievement, ‘E’ Is for Effort) ~ “‘What would happen,’ I asked, ‘if a player showed up at spring training and worked harder than all the others yet still bombed? Would they sign him anyway because he was so diligent?’”

Public Schools Outperform Private Schools in Math Instruction ~ “The results do seem to suggest that private schools are doing their own thing, and that they’re less likely to have paid attention to curricular trends and the fact that math instruction and math tests have changed.”

Writing Math on the Web

jsMath: A Method of Including Mathematics in Web Pages

Passing Platonic Solids ~ polyhedra that are almost regular

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street ~ “At the heart of it all was Li’s formula. When you talk to market participants, they use words like beautiful, simple, and, most commonly, tractable

Parsing the Decision Letter ~ Can I put this article on my CV… or not?

How To Use Humor In The Classroom

The Simply Connected Underwear TheoremTorus ExplainedPacMobiusPakleinMan ~ topology is funny