Recommended readings for 2/19/09

I think I will try something different. Once in a while (once a week?) I’ll post links to some of the articles I’ve read and enjoyed. I’m inspired by the beautifully simplistic Trivium

In defense of j ~ It’s time to retire Euler’s choice of the letter i for the imaginary number √-1

The Arbesman Limit ~ People like to have things named after themselves

Fail: Area Circles on Wall Street ~ Lies, damn lies, statistics, and bad infographics

date +%s ~ Happy 1234567890 day

Second-largest cities ~ Will it play in Peoria?

Flat equilateral tori? ~ If a 3d flat torus can’t be smooth, how nice can it be?

Productivity advice from Mark Twain

Overhang ~ The classical book stacking problem on steroids

Hyperbolic light ~ Something to think about next time you’re in bed staring at the light on the wall

WordPress LaTeX Bug Collection Drive ~ Is this the best use of time for our Fields Medalists?

Tourists Not Leaving Landmark Until All Permutations Of Groups And Cameras Exhausted ~ I think they meant “combinations”


Be my nerdy valentine…

Sierpinski Valentine

Happy Co-Valentine’s Day

How do I love thee? Countably Infinite