Lipson’s mathematical LEGO sculptures

Ξ at the the 360 blog just posted a neat LEGO fact: it is possible to snap together two 2×4 lego bricks in 24 different ways. Given six of these LEGOs it is possible to snap them together in 915,103,765 different ways!

This inspired me to post a link to a cool website by Andrew Lipson. I show my topology class this website every time I teach the course. Lipson has created many beautiful mathematical sculptures out of LEGOs. Examples include the Möbius band (with little men walking on it!),

a Klein bottle (that is hinged so you can see that it is formed from two Möbius bands),

and a figure eight knot.

Visit Lipson’s website to see more mathematical lego creations and other beautiful LEGO sculptures.

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  1. Batman says:

    Lipson is a genius. As a hardcore LEGO fan from way back, I can only imagine the time and energy it took to create those.

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