New graduation requirement

One of my colleagues sent me the link to the most recent comic at He wrote: “College graduates should be required to say why this is funny as a condition of graduation, a part of numerosity.”


I wonder how many readers of the Sunday funnies understood the Foxtrot cartoon this morning. (Update: for those of you who landed on this page looking for a definition of the term “Fibonachos,” go here.)

Clearance price fail

Happy Monday! Here’s a funny math-related photo from yesterday’sĀ Failblog. Where to begin with this one? There’s so much wrong with it (what’s a Sentai Fortrs?). But despite all of its problems, at least they put a negative sign next to the sale price to match the direction of the price difference! []

24 is the highest number

Too busy getting ready for classes to write anything. Instead I thought I’d post a little comic relief from Mr. Show. 24 is the highest number

Exam-time humor

A little humor for all of you who are grading or taking exams… [From] [via Superpoop]