The 56th Carnival of Mathematics is now online

Head over to Reasonable Deviations to see the 56th Carnival of Mathematics. I’d also like to point out a post by Terrence Tao on mathematical research and the internet. He has a link there to an interesting talk (5mb pdf file) that he is going to give on this subject.

Let’s go to the carnival

The 52nd Carnival of Mathematics is underway over at The Number Warrior. I’m glad it was resurrected. Check it out! Two other mathematical tidbits. Clue in yesterday’s NY Times crossword: Calculus pioneer. The answer: EULER. Also in today’s NY Times, the headline: U.S. Jobless Rate Hits 8.9%, but Pace of Losses Eases. When I first…

46th Carnival of Mathematics

The 46th Carnival of Mathematics is now online, hosted by Walking Randomly. I was happy to see one my blog posts listed there. Cool! These carnivals are great. I’ll have to look into how to host one in the future. I don’t know who runs them.