The earth is big

I just stumbled upon this neat infographic which shows relative heights of objects from the top of Mount Everest all the way down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The top of the graphic is at an elevation of 38,000 ft and the bottom is 38,000 ft below sea level. The infographic image is 4677 pixels tall.

I was wondering how tall the graphic would have to be in order to go all the way to the center of the earth.

The radius of the earth is approximately 3,958 miles, or 20,898,240 ft. The infographic spans 76,000 ft and would have to span 20,936,240 ft. So it would have to be approximately 275 times as tall as it is now. The resulting image would be 1,288,405 pixels tall. In particular, if your browser window is displaying 600 pixels vertically, then you would have to scroll down 2147 screens to see the entire thing.


  1. Brent Yorgey says:

    I once read somewhere that relatively speaking, the earth is smoother than a billiard ball. I don’t know if that’s literally true or not, but it’s certainly true that it’s hard to have a good intuition for the scales involved!

  2. amca01 says:

    The remarkable thing is that all (known) life on earth lives in a thin film only 16km (10 miles) thick.

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