Featured MAA review

I just noticed that one of my book reviews (a review of The Survival of a Mathematician: From Tenure Track to Emeritus, by Steven G. Krantz) is a featured review right now at MAA reviews. This was a very difficult review for me to write. There was a lot to like about the book, but there were other parts that really frustrated me.


  1. samjshah says:

    How funny… One of my favorite book reviews ever is one written by Krantz about Wolfram’s _A New Kind of Science_. And now here you are posting about writing a book review of Krantz’s book.

    [Krantz’s scathing, hilarious review is here: http://www.math.wustl.edu/~sk/wolfram.pdf%5D

    Congrats on being featured!

    1. Thanks for the link toe the Krantz’s review. That’s great. I remember reading a few others at the time that expressed the same sentiment. Ouch!

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