Tetragon fail

This morning I was listening to one of my radio stations on Pandora. One of the automatically-generated songs they played was by tenor saxaphonist Joe Henderson‘s group, the Joe Henderson Quartets. It was from his 1967 album Tetragon. The very mathematical title caught my eye, but so did the accompanying cover art.  Obviously the art director was not a student of mathematics. A tetragon is the same as a quadrilateral (i.e., a 4-sided polygon), but the cover art is of Joe Henderson peering through the face of an octahedron (or at least that’s what I see). Oh, well, I enjoyed the song.


  1. TwoPi says:

    It does indeed look like an octahedron, or a pentahedron at least.

    Related anecdote: Yesterday in Real Analysis, our discussions were being dominated by one student, with the others holding back [it’s early in the semester, so I guess some shyness is to be expected]. In frustration, I commented that I didn’t want a dialogue, or a monologue, but rather a dodecalogue. For that day, at least, it worked. We’ll see how Thursday goes.

  2. Theo says:

    Perhaps it’s simply a centrally triangulated quadrilateral?

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