Odds and ends: the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meeting and Euler’s Gem

I’ll be heading to the 2010 Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Francisco next week. In case any of you are interested in meeting up, here are a few of the items on my (busy) schedule. Please introduce yourself; it would be nice to put faces with names. I’m giving a talk on some work with…

Photos from the PUP booth at the Joint Meetings

The Princeton University Press blog has some photos from the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meeting including a few pics from my book signing—cool! Mike Cherry (author of The Addventures Plusman), Barry Tesman, me. Evelyn Sander and me

Princeton University Press blog

A few days ago I discovered that Princeton University Press, publisher of my book, has created a blog. I’ve been enjoying reading the posts and watching/listening to the media, such as my editor Vickie Kearn’s interview of Andrew Gelman, who asks “What’s the matter with Connecticut?”