Virtual seminar

The purpose of this page is to consolidate online mathematics lectures. Right now I am focusing on video and not audio, but I may expand in that direction eventually. This page is aimed at mathematics faculty and graduate students, but others may find useful links here too. I hope this can be a resource for people like me who want to keep abreast of current mathematics, but who are not at a research university that has regular seminars and colloquia.

If you know of any sites that I am missing (audio or video), please post them in the comments below.

picture-21 One of the best collection of videos that I have found is at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI). Their collection of media, VMath—

The Next Generation for Math Lectures, dates back to 1996.

gradient_595x150_white The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) has a large archive of videos of lectures (rss feed)

picture-31 The Mathematics Department at Duke University has a variety of videos online


The Institute for Advanced Study, located in Princeton, NJ, was the academic home of Kurt Gödel, Albert Einstein, John von Neumann and others. They have a variety of videos online (rss) including many from the School of Mathematics (rss)

picture-11 Adelphi University has a long-running lecture series on the history of mathematics called The Frederick V. Pohle Colloquium on the History of Mathematics. They have videos of these lectures dating back to 2001.


Princeton University has a nice collection of Streaming WebMedia, from lectures, to podcasts, to special events, some of which are mathematical. Unfortunately they are not broken down by discipline and there is no good way to link to a specific lecture.

banner_hp1 Like Princeton, Harvard University also has a site featuring a wide variety of lectures. Harvard’s site is called Harvard @ Home. Unlike Princeton, it is possible to link to individual lectures. Here are two mathematical ones.


Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world: a large collection of interesting 18 minute talks.

Here are their talks that are tagged as math


YouTube hosts a service called YouTube Edu which consolidates the academic video content from over 100 colleges and universities.


The Massachusets Institute of Tehnology has a wonderful collection of courses online at their highly publicized MIT Open Courseware project. In particular, they have many undergraduate and graduate level mathematics courses. Some of these are available as video courses, but unfortunately right now they are all undergraduate courses. I hope they expand into their graduate catalog as well.


Academic Earth is a relatively new site containing full video courses in various fields from variety of universities. Right now they have only a handful of mathematics courses, and only at the undergraduate level. I’ll keep my eye on this one.


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