About Me

Richeson2My name is David Richeson. I am a Professor of Mathematics at Dickinson College. I graduated from Hamilton College in 1993 with a degree in mathematics, and I received a Ph.D. in mathematics from Northwestern University in 1998. I came to Dickinson after a postdoctoral position at Michigan State University.

I am passionate about many areas of mathematics, but my research focuses on dynamical systems, topology, the history of mathematics, and recreational mathematics. I am the author of Euler’s Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology, which was published by Princeton University Press. I am the editor of Math Horizons, the undergraduate magazine of the Mathematical Association of America. I enjoy chatting about mathematics on my blog (Division by Zero), on Twitter (@divbyzero), and on Google+.

My Erdös number is four in at least three ways (Erdös → Andrzej Schinzel → Michal Misiurewicz → John Franks → Me; Erdös → Svante Janson → Steve Fisher → John Franks → Me; Erdös → Branko Grünbaum → Jaume Llibre → John Franks → Me).

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA 17013

Office: Tome Hall, room 244
Phone: 717.245.1744
Fax: 717.245.1642
Work email: (first seven letters of my last name plus the first letter of my first name)@dickinson.edu
Math Horizons email: mathhorizons@maa.org
Twitter: @divbyzero