Cantor set applet

I made this Cantor setĀ applet for my Real Analysis class. It is nothing fancy, but it saves me from drawing it on the board.

Applet to illustrate the epsilon-delta definition of limit

Here’s a GeoGebra applet that I made for my Real Analysis class. It can be used to explore the definition of limit: Definition. The limit of as approaches is , or equivalently if for any there exists such that whenever , it follows that .

The danger of false positives

As I mentioned earlier, I’m teaching a first-year seminar this semester called “Science or Nonsense?” On Monday and Wednesday this week we discussed some math/stats/numeracy topics. We talked about the Sally Clark murder trial, the prosecutor’s fallacy, the use of DNA testing in law enforcement, Simpson’s paradox, the danger of false positives, and the 2009…