Posted by: Dave Richeson | April 17, 2010

John D. Cook’s daily Twitter tips

One of the most prolific and interesting math bloggers and Twitters, John D. Cook (his blog is The Endeavor and he is @JohnDCook on Twitter) has been using Twitter in a very interesting way. In addition to his personal account, he has set up more than half a dozen daily Twitter messages on a variety of topics. (Apparently he composes most of the tweets in advance and has them posted automatically once a day, 7 days a week.)

Here are his daily mathematical Twitter accounts:

@AlgebraFact: a mixture of linear algebra, number theory, group theory, etc.

Example: If 2^p – 1 is prime, 2^{p-1}(2^p – 1) is an even perfect number. Euclid, Prob IX.36.

@ProbFact: theorems in probability, plus historical tidbits and applications.

Example: The mean of a Poisson random variable equals its variance. This can be a problem in applications.

@AnalysisFact: facts from real and complex analysis (ranging from elementary to advanced).

Example: Complex conjugate maps x + iy to x – iy. This is not an analytic function.

@TopologyFact: Facts from topology and geometry

Example: The image of a compact set under a continuous function is compact.

@TeXtip: Tips for learning TeX and LaTeX (coming soon)

(He also has two other daily accounts: @RegexTip on regular expressions and @SansMouse on keyboard shortcuts in Windows.)



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