Posted by: Dave Richeson | April 15, 2009

Featured MAA review

I just noticed that one of my book reviews (a review of The Survival of a Mathematician: From Tenure Track to Emeritus, by Steven G. Krantz) is a featured review right now at MAA reviews. This was a very difficult review for me to write. There was a lot to like about the book, but there were other parts that really frustrated me.



  1. How funny… One of my favorite book reviews ever is one written by Krantz about Wolfram’s _A New Kind of Science_. And now here you are posting about writing a book review of Krantz’s book.

    [Krantz’s scathing, hilarious review is here:

    Congrats on being featured!

    • Thanks for the link toe the Krantz’s review. That’s great. I remember reading a few others at the time that expressed the same sentiment. Ouch!


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