Posted by: Dave Richeson | April 27, 2011

A pyramidologist’s value for pi

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  1. Interesting post! Also, I enjoy reading this blog a lot!
    About the pi approximation at the end, I did a little research on it and here is what I’ve found:
    The last equation can be written as pi = 4*sqrt(phi-1) , which can also be written as 4/pi = sqrt(phi)
    According to Wikipedia, this relation is coincidental:

  2. show that the architects were using the value 3.143 for pi.

    is it more likely that they were “using the value 3.143″, or that they
    were using “2 wheel diameters tall, and one wheel rotation across” and
    the deviation is due to imprecise construction techniques?

  3. From my calculations I believe this is indeed the true value for pi.
    Panagiotis Stefanides demonstrates two examples of this this quite clearly at his website:



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